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Tips for choosing shoes for the perfect trip
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In traveling, the activity that you experience the most is probably walking. Walking is not only good for health but also a great opportunity for you to admire the surrounding scenery. So, choosing shoes when traveling is very important, right? We must choose shoes to feel comfortable, walk easily and ensure stylish fashion. Join us to see how to prepare travel shoes for a perfect trip.
Tips for sustainable tourism
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Are you concerned about the environment and always towards sustainable tourism? The following important principles will help minimize "Carbon footprint" in the journey, help you enjoy a true "green travel".
Traveling with child and 7 tips that you have to know
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When summer comes, weather will be hot. It will be great if you travel to enjoy the cool air or experience and admire the beautiful scenery of the trip. However, if you have baby, the trip will have more problems to be prepared. Join us to know 7 tips when traveling with children to have a great trip.
What do you do to not be afraid of seasickness when traveling to the sea
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On every hot summer, surely all of us would like to have trip to enjoy the blue sea and cool breeze. However, the trip will not be perfect if you get seasick, leading to headache, and hangover. So, do you know how to solve your seasick problem? It will not be an obsession when traveling on the sea if you apply some tips to cure seasickness as follows:
Traveling gently and safely with just 21 helpful tips
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Traveling by road and rail means you will save and fully enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, it is only useful when you travel none far distance. You will feel tired and spent more money to eat and rest along the way if you travel far distance by road.
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