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Tips for bringing perfume when traveling

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Today, perfumes have become popular and one of the essential items for both men and women. So even if traveling, bringing perfume is also quite necessary for everyone. Join us to find out tips to bring perfume when traveling.

1. Bringing perfume on the plane
Airways allow you to bring perfume. However, like other types of liquid, you will only be allowed to bring perfume with a capacity of less than or equal to 100ml .. So, if you have a perfume bottle larger than the allowable capacity, please leave it at home and replace with another perfume bottle. If you keep trying to bring a bottle with a capacity of more than 100ml, then almost certainly you will have to leave at the airport if you want to board the plane. Ideally, you should choose to carry small bottles of perfume such as mini fragrances or samples. These small perfume bottles are both suitable for aviation regulations, and also give you a choice of scents between the bottles.

2. Choose your favorite scent and bring only a few scents
Many visitors have a hobby of collecting and using a set of many different fragrances. However, when traveling, you should only choose a few scents that you like best to carry. The reason is because during your trip, you probably will not be able to use all the perfumes you bring. Moreover, carrying too many perfumes will cost you luggage as well as the risk of exceeding the capacity when boarding

3. Put perfume into suitcase very carefully
Perfume is a special liquid, just a drop of it also creates a passionate scent in a space. Therefore, when packing your travel luggage, for perfume bottles you should wrap them carefully in plastic bags with zip lock, then wrap the outside with a layer of cloth or soft cloth. So you will greatly reduce the risk of the perfume bottle being hit. Imagine if your perfume bottle is broken in a suitcase , the clothe will be full of scent and of course, clothes soaked with too much perfume are not a good idea.

4. Use rolling perfumes
Surely you always want to carry a bottle of perfume in your bag when going out - because by the way, it's easy when you need it. Understanding that, many perfume brands have created rolling-on versions of travel perfumes. This is a good suggestion when traveling because rolling perfume has a small capacity, does not take up much space in a bag and is not afraid to spill.

5. Use waxed perfume
Wax-like perfumes exhibit a very classic allure. This is a perfume dating back centuries. Although most people prefer the spray perfume bottle, it is clear that the wax perfume is very easy to transport. You absolutely do not have to worry about breaking or exceeding the permitted capacity on board. .

Hopefully the above tips will help you to bring perfume along with you on a trip. Please note and apply the above tips for a complete and meaningful trip in this summer.

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