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Majestic Nha Trang Hotel
Địa chỉ 90-92 Tran Phu, Loc Tho, Nha Trang
Địa điểm Lộc Thọ
Điện thoại (8458) 3528898/3529669
Số lượng phòng 101

Majestic Nha Trang Hotel is an international standard 3 star hotel, is located on Tran Phu street. It’s a new hotel with the mixture architecture between Europe and Asia style with modern equipments & facilities. Majestic Nha Trang Hotel has a total of 15 floors with 99 rooms - 50% sea view rooms, 2 elevators, restaurant, conference, swimming pool, outdoor coffee bar, tour desk & a small supermarket in the basement. Majestic Nha Trang Hotel was grand opening on 02nd January 2013.
With slogan “thoughtful, friendly, professional”, we are make sure that Majestic Nha Trang Hotel is an idea location and brings great experience for you. It’s close enough to town, but just far enough away to ensure you leave the stress behind. Let’s come to Majestic Star to enjoy special moments, fresh air, panoramic view of the city and Nha Trang beach, especially feeling welcome as your home when first step into hotel.




Swimming pool


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* Cancellation policy:
Any cancellation before 17 days check in: Free of charge
Any cancellation from 9-17 days before check in: Will be charged 50 % of the total
Any cancellation from 6-8 days before check in: Will be charged 75 % of the total
Any cancellation within 6 days before check in or no-show: Will be charged 100 % of the total
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