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Japanese dyeing technique introduced in Ha Noi

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On October 22, the Japanese Embassy in Ha Noi offered visitors an opportunity to discover and practise the Japanese dyeing technique ‘Kusaki-zome’.

The participants pratice Japanese dyeing technique

Kusaki-zome are fabrics dyed with plant juices extracted from flowers, leaves, stems and roots. Lye and alum are used as mordants. Kusaki-zome is traditional dyeing method of Japan.

Kon-zome (dark blue dyeing) is the most widely used technique. The dyes are extracted from the leaves of indigo. The fabrics dyed dark are called kon (dark blue), and the lightly dyed ones are called ai (indigo blue).

The most expensive dyes for crimson and red dyeing are extracted from the roots of the madder plant.

The most economical red dye comes from the juice of the leaves of red shiso, originally used for Japanese plum pickles.

Dyes from safflower were the most common and are excellent for dyeing. Safflower is still grown today.

The event, attracting many Vietnamese visitors, was intended as activity to increase cultural awareness between Viet Nam and Japan.


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